Miami Children’s Museum (MCM) is dedicated to enriching the lives of all children by fostering a love of learning and enabling children to realize their highest potential.

The museum includes 14 galleries, classrooms, Kid Smart educational gift shop, 200-seat auditorium and Subway restaurant. We offer hundreds of bilingual, interactive exhibits; programs and classes and learning materials related to arts, culture, community and communication. The building, for and about children, represents the elements of the world – earth, wind, water and fire. A landmark in South Florida, our playful building and magnificent location inspires children and adults.

Miami Children’s Museum

Address: 980 MacArthur Causeway, Miami, FL 33132
Phone: 373-KIDS (5437) | Venue’s Website:
Hours: Mon – Sun: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Admission: Admission $16 | Florida Resident $12 | Children under 1 year FREE

Come & explore fourteen exciting galleries full of interactive and bilingual exhibits for the whole family to play, learn, imagine, create!

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Permanent Galleries

Castle of Dreams
Climb through a two-story sandcastle and see sands from around the world.

Walk through a six-foot piggy bank, design your own bills, and learn how to save, spend and earn money.

Health & Wellness Center
Discover how healthy habits such as good nutrition and exercise keep our minds and bodies fit.

Pet Central
Learn how pets should be cared for at home and at the vet clinic. You can even pick the perfect pet for your family.

Safety Zone
See what life is like for real-life heroes. Dress in costume, cruise on a police motorcycle or steer a fire truck to the rescue.

Join the express line to fun. Harvest your favorite Florida fruits and shop for ingredients to make a delicacy from one of Miami’s diverse neighborhoods.

Meet Miami
Imagine living in a different neighborhood or time period as you explore Miami’s different cultures.

The Sea and Me
Dive into a sea of wonder and enjoy water play in this gallery especially for children under five years of age.

Ocean Odyssey
Investigate the mysteries of the deep and take a look inside our 900-gallon marine tank.

Everglades Park
Explore the Everglades, discover where an alligator lives and soar like an Osprey.

You and Me and Teddy Bears Too!
From teddy bear displays to a bear workshop, this interactive exhibit uses teddy bears to teach the importance of fostering respect and appreciation of others.

Port of Miami
Find out what happens at a port from importing and exporting products, to operating a gantry crane.

Cruise Ship
Come aboard and experience the different activities on a cruise from navigating the ship to limbo dancing.

All About Art
Use art tools and techniques to interpret the world in unique ways, just like an artist.

World Music Studio
Tune in to instruments and music styles from different cultures, and visit a recording studio.

Mt. MiChiMu
Climb to the top of Mt. MiChiMu! This challenging rock wall makes competition fun for you and your friends! Buy an all day pass or a one climb pass during your visit to the museum!

Seth’s Construction Zone
Use a crane, bulldozer, wheel barrels and more as you explore different building stations that incorporate elements of a real construction zone.

Miami Children’s Museum

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The Miami Children’s Museum Is Dedicated To Enriching The Lives Of All Children. Visit Miami Children’s Museum, See New Exhibitions, Games, Shows & More

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