Miami International Boat Show New Location

The Miami International Boat Show new location and all the exciting new features for the upcoming 2016 event, including a larger number of boat exhibits, varied food and beverages options, and bigger retail spaces are sky-rocketing this winter boat event to the highest standards.

In a matter of days, the Miami International Boat Show new location will debut to thousands of boating enthusiasts. They will be part of a new edition of one of the largest boat shows in the world, an event that used to take place at the Miami Beach Convention Center is moving to Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin. Moving to the new location has been a challenge since day one, but organizers are making sure patrons will enjoy their day at the show and experience boating lifestyle in a whole new way.

The campus of the Miami International Boat Show new location is about 3/4 of a mile long, starting from the east end of the Miami Boat Club and ends in the west side of the popular Rusty Pelican Restaurant, which is one of Miami’s best dining destinations serving contemporary American cuisine with that inherent Miami flair of friendliness and breathtaking views. The new location now offers a larger space for exhibits and boat shows.

Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin

The sites’s backdrop is the historic and legendary Marine Stadium. Though it is not as part of the show itself, this landmark of the City of Miami represents hundreds of boat races that happened in this area years before. The Marine Stadium used to be at the center of those races. With the proximity of Miami International Boat Show new location to the stadium, the natural resources of marine lives like mangroves, manatees and other endemic coastal species, renovating what it is called now Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin, will be rescuing an architectural masterpiece that can provide new attractions to Miami in the future with practical and sustainable approaches. The Marine Stadium is a magical place and participants to the 2016 boat show will be close enough to witness part of Miami’s history.

“Miami International Boat Show New Location Provides an Authentic Island Oasis for Attendees”

If you come to a boat show you would expect to enjoy every possible boating and yachting activity. Embedded in such a lovely bay with maximum water-related capabilities, the Miami International Boat Show new location has brought the event within a higher notch among the world’s most prestigious boat shows. Most access to the show now is possible by water. There will be transportation accessible by water to and from the show, specially provided by Water Taxi Miami. They will depart from Bayside Marketplace on Biscayne Boulevard, Miami Beach Marina, Sea Isle Marina, Miami Beach Marina, Virginia Key, Hyatt Miami, and Dinner Key in what will be an unprecedented transportation coverage of the show.

Water Taxi Miami
Water Taxi Miami will provide over 7 boats to the show

There will also be enough parking space within the boat show facilities and nearby parking garages in downtown Miami. Transportation to show will also be available by free shuttle bus with only a few minutes ride from pickup locations.

In terms of water activities at the new location, patrons of the show will be able to actually get on the water and try pedal sports while they are in the premises —paddle boarding and kayaking demos available— with rooms to change to bathing suites.

There are reasons people love to come to boat shows. They come to see the boats and accessories, but mostly they love the marine bargain. As they come in to buy things, they will find the show is loaded with the kinds of exhibits they look for, spread along enormous air-conditioned tents of about a thousand feet long. Manufactures’ exhibits and marine retails will be huge at the Miami International Boat Show new location.

The hospitality of the show has been upgraded, including now good restaurants in site like the Rusty Pelican Restaurant. Food & beverages options will be strategically located in different spots throughout the show, making it easier than ever before to find food.

Food & beverages options
Food and beverages at Miami Boat Show provided by Rusty Pelican Restaurant

From February 11 – 15, 2016, Miami Boat Show will celebrate 75 years providing the best boating experience in South Florida. The iconic new location has historically been a boating destination and now it will become again the ideal location to shop thousands of new boats and accessories while experiencing life in the water as never before.

Plan here your visit to the upcoming Progressive® Insurance Miami International Boat Show®. You can also visit the Show’s official website with updated information about daily events, tickets information, transportation and exhibitors.