Summer Cabaret Series - Stone House At Deering Estate At Cutler
Stone House At Deering Estate At Cutler | Photo by Emilio Portuondo

The Deering Estate is home to the historic Stone House Ballroom and it is here where patrons can enjoy the very popular Summer Cabaret Series that feature Miami’s best intimate concerts during the summer season.

This year’s series kicked off early in June and after sold out events featuring Bob Folse and Chloe Dolandis previously, in August 27 Jazz Saxophonist Steve Kirkland will perform in what is expected to be a magnificent performance by a Miami’s saxophone player with a wide repertoire of music including Smooth Jazz, Pop, Dance, Swing, Merengue, Salsa and more. Kirkland is the musician and band leader who can ensure your event will be a sensation. The Mister K Band features Jazz Saxophonist Steve Kirkland along with many of Miami’s top musicians including Abner Torres, Drums; Hal Roland, Keyboard; and Nicky Orta, Bass. The amazing and beautiful vocalist Anna Palmerola is a regular member of the Mister K Band. Their performance is a show NOT to miss.

Summer Cabaret Series - The Mister K Band
The Mister K Band

Summer Cabaret Series Event Details

The next Summer Cabaret Series will begin at 8 pm —main gate opens at 7 pm. Guests are welcome to bring refreshments and snacks to enjoy during the show. Tickets are $20 and they can be reserved here or by calling the Deering Estate Ticket Office at 305-235-1668 ext. 233.

The historic Stone House Ballroom is located inside the Deering Estate at Cutler, an environmental, archaeological and historical preserve. The Estate is part of the Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Space Department and it is a cultural and educational facility that features classes and programs for children and adults, teacher training and research opportunities. The Estate offers daily tours of the historic houses – the Stone House and Richmond Cottage, as well as tours of the lush natural areas where fossil bones have been found as far back at 50,000 years.

The Deering Estate at Cutler was the Florida home of Charles Deering until 1927 when he died at the estate. Deering devoted his life to art collecting and to the creation of several estates in the United States and Europe and became an avid naturalist and preservationist. Inside the Estate there are two historic houses, the Stone House and Richmond Cottage.

Summer Cabaret Series - Sunrise at the Deering Estate at Cutler in Miami
Sunrise at the Deering Estate at Cutler in Miami | Photo by Curt & Tracy

The Stone House was constructed in 1922 with 18-inch thick, reinforced concrete walls, covered in limestone veneer to imitate the rugged exposed stone of Tamarit. It also featured a Cuban barrel tile roof, antique wrought iron window grilles, bronze and copper clad doors, Romanesque arcades of hand carved columns, pointed Gothic and Moorish arches accenting large central windows themes after both Marycel and Tamarit. At the time, Mr. Deering was said to own one of the largest collections of privately held art and antiques in the world. Artwork and furnishings on the Estate included over 4,000 pieces and had an estimated value of $62 million.

To find out more about the Summer Cabaret Series or to schedule a visit to the thriving cultural art center that The Deering Estate at Cutler has become, visit Tours and calendars dates and times, as well as programming may be seasonal or contingent upon weather.